Guiding principles


Positive – we employ a hopeful, positive, community-minded and solutions-based approach towards meeting our aims.

Empowering – we seek to empower individuals to take positive collective action in various communities.

Energising – we want to work with people’s desires and positive energies towards reaching our goals. Where negative energies are evident, we want to employ conciliatory and mediative techniques in order to resolve conflict and redirect those energies towards united action.

Collaborative – our intent is to work non-hierarchically and collaboratively within our group and also to work in partnership with other groups who share our goals for particular projects.

Responsible we seek to minimise our impact on the natural environment. Where possible will choose means of transport and diets to minimise our ecological footprint.


Non-violent – we respect all forms of life and do not support or promote any form of violence in our acts and our communication.

Inclusivity – we seek to include a wide range of people from all walks of life who share our goals. We value diversity of experience and a broad base of support.

Acceptance – we support equality of all people and oppose any form of bigotry and oppression (including but not limited to, discrimination based on ethnicity, physical appearance, origin, gender, gender identity, sexuality, physical ability, age, beliefs and religion).

Feminist – We recognise that we live in a society in which expectations of behaviour are gendered, and that this can be damaging to everyone. By understanding this we will take an active stance on not permitting traditional expectations of gender roles to oppress us. We stand together to make sure each and every one of us is treated with the same respect and the same recognition of our fundamental humanity.