About us

Problems we intend to address

Trying to make a meaningful positive impact in the world, and even daring to go down that route, can feel very daunting alone. Big events such as Ende Gelände can be intimidating and scary to go to without any preparation for what one might face (e.g police violence) and putting so much energy into just a few days can sometimes feel deceiving.

Aims and objectives

We are aiming to build a wider, more diverse and stronger community to fight the root causes of a socially and environmentally destructive system, and to find our inner leaders to build a better one. The objectives are to create spaces where skill shares and workshops can take place, a diversity of affinities can be created and courage will be developed – elements that will last in the long term and that are a key components to feel in a safe and constructive space to take action.

The Strategy

Group transport to Ende Gelände seems unquestionably needed to help provide the feeling of being part of a wider group. By all together using the bicycle, we will show the feasibility of long distance cycling, a mode of transport that isn’t heavily based on fossil fuels. The intention is to promote clean and slow travel, providing space to learn and discover our land and those who inhabit it. At each stop, we will meet, discover and show solidarity with communities promoting positive social change. As bees on bikes, we hope to connect our movements and pollinate change in order to strengthen our community fighting for global justice.

By listening to the wisest, we will go into schools beforehand to hear what messages they would like us to spread through a patchwork blanket that will grow as we pass through different towns.

The community spirit is one of our main focuses that is leading us to take action for a more just and sustainable world. We will draw Red Lines along the way at ”places of interest” that do not fit that criteria.

And as a river of cyclists, rides from Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and maybe more, will join up at different points on the map and reach the Climate Camp in Proschim all together, standing up united for what we believe in, and shutting down what we don’t.